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Developing a Social Justice Ethic for Your Church or Business

Charity work is not social justice work.


This two-day workshop is created to discuss and create a plan for social justice work in your community. By using this workshop, we will identify the ways that your organization can create change not just for your employees, but also for the community. 


Social Justice and Social Change

How do we use our collective power to influence change in our society? 


From local organizations to political change this workshop teaches you how to use what’s in your hand to develop positive outcomes together.  Change begins when start to have courageous conversations about the things that really matter. 


Understanding Diversity

What is the true definition of diversity and now do we truly celebrate it?


We often think that diversity is just having a room with people from different cultures. The way that we understand diversity must switch from just having nice pictures to actually hearing each voice.  Through presentations and exercises, this workshop will open our eyes to the many things that we tend to overlook.  


Find Your Voice, Raise Your Voice, and Use it Powerfully

What do you have to say?


We often have lots of thoughts and are passionate about topics and issues that concern us and our communities. This workshop will provide you with safe, practical tools that you can use everyday to know your voice and to use it well. 


Do You See Me? Valuing and Seeing Others for Who They Are

What do you see when you look at others who are different from you? How do we embrace other cultures? What implicit or unconscious biases do we have toward others?


Do You See Me provides the essential tools needed to understand how we can see ourselves in others and create change in ourselves. 


Race, Racism, and Reconciliation

This workshop is about understanding the power of Race and Racism in our country, and how it some cases intersects in schools, churches, and business practices. Through this workshop, we hope to move from the things that separate us and find the common practices that unite us.